Our Services can be Offered by all Franchisees

cryptoxpress acts as an innovative platform for franchisees to remain at the forefront of crypto-currency industry while letting the experts do the heavy lifting.

Secure Network - Built-in Volume

By being part of a global exchange network that also offers remittances, cryptoxpress ensures all franchisees enjoy the best volumes and commissions in the market.

Lowest Remittance Fees and Rapid Speeds

cryptoxpress provides a pioneering solution for transferring cross-border funds comprising minimal remittance fees. Franchisees would disrupt their local markets and stand to gain handsomely.

Continual Marketing and Legal Support.

Furthermore, cryptoxpress will assure you are provided with industry leading legal and marketing support so you can rest easy and simply focus on operations.

Franchisees Gain 75%

cryptoxpress' unique model allows partners the opportunity
to capitalise by retaining 75% of the net profits of their territory.