End-to-End Encryption

We provide an end-to-end encrypted platform assuring secure crypto-currency exchanges and transactions. Unhackable by the NSA thanks to Promether technology.

Legal Compliance

cryptoxpress ensures your operations and services adhere to global legislations while remaining transparent thanks to its industry leading & prominent legal advisor.

State-of-the-Art Interfaces

We believe in simplicity and transparency and our state-of-the-art tools ensure you get both. With an industry leader in commercial design onboard, user experiences are immaculate.

Global Remittances

Remittances move across borders, customers and currencies. We simplify this age old, expensive process and ensure lightening quick transactions. Supported and powered by the NEM Foundation and its technologies, cryptoxpress intends to disrupt the remittances markets.

Board of Advisors

Eric J.Anderson, MCompSc

Chief Advisor
Security & Encryption

Randall Johnson, JD Law

Chief Advisor
Legal & Regulations

Sherwin Torres, MISM/MBA

Chief Advisor
Strategic Design & Innovation

Strategic Partners

Executive Team

Yogesh Panjabi

Chief Executive Officer

Adarsh Singh

Chief Financial Officer

Faisal Malik

Chief of Business Development

Charlotte Rettie

Chief Marketing Officer

How It All Started