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We are the bridge between your crypto world and everyday life; NFTs, cryptocurrencies, payments, transfers, and more. All in one best-in-class digital experience.

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CryptoXpress solves the problem of beginners having to learn, onboard themselves on and integrate so many different FinTech technologies just to manage their daily financial and investing needs.
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Currently, beginners have to use and integrate an e-banking app, cryptocurrency exchange app, NFT marketplace app, and decentralized wallet app which is complicated and beginner-unfriendly.

This problem will be amplified in the next 5-10 years when cryptocurrencies and NFTs become an intrinsic part of the world economy and also a necessity for global citizens.

CryptoXpress democratizes finances and value distribution for current and future generations while making FinTech technologies easy, fun, and valuable at the same time.
CryptoXpress ensures that all these financial technologies are available to everyone with just a few clicks, and without the steep learning curve inherent in existing platforms.
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NFTs Feature


List & purchase the exclusive rights for digital art and media for auction on the built-in CryptoXpress Arts & Media NFT marketplace.

Trade Feature


Buy and sell over 300 different cryptocurrencies and +900 trading pairs using only 3 clicks, without paying any commissions.

Transfer Feature


Transfer fiat funds or cryptocurrencies to friends and family members globally, with just a few clicks.

Pay Feature


Make payments for services or pay bills and easily maintain cryptocurrency holdings in your digital wallet.

Key Features

The CX Universe

Crypto ecosystem access, banking features, retail, travel and more, at your fingertips on your phone.

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Global Reach

Operating Markets

Global Reach

CryptoXpress will be licensed to operate in 179 countries and will be able to accept domestic fiat deposits in the following 26 countries at launch.

binance broker program

Secure Trading Infrastucture

Trusted Crypto Exchange

We’ve leverage Binance’s leading liquidity, market depth, asset management systems, security infrastructure, and personalized marketing support, so we can focus on delivering maximum value to you, our users.

More Trades

3-Click Buying & Selling

Buy and sell over 300 different cryptocurrency pairs using only 3 clicks, without paying any commissions. The most beginner-friendly way to manage your cryptocurrency investments while being supported by expert advice. More trades with greater value.

Staking Earn


Staking Pool

CryptoXpress now offers $XPRESS Token staking pools with an initial APY up to 2000%, powered by AllianceBlock's staking solution, LMaaS.

Fast Transfers

Transfers to Family & Friends

Using just a mobile number, transfer fiat funds or cryptocurrencies to friends and family members globally, with just a few clicks. Forego the high fees and long transfer times of traditional banking remittance products, and in a beginner-friendly manner.

Transfers iPhone
Polygon X CryptoXpress

CryptoXpress will be offering cross-chain NFTs through its partnership with Polygon and will be compatible with ERC20/BSC/Matic blockchains

NFT Marketplace iPhone

Exclusive Buys

Art & Media NFT Marketplace

List digital art and media for auction on the built-in CryptoXpress Arts & Media NFT marketplace. Be able to purchase the exclusive rights for digital assets created by the industry’s hottest stars, exclusively for the CryptoXpress platform.

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Next Gen E-Banking

Safe and compliant UK and EU CryptoXpress bank accounts with your own debit card. Transfer fiat funds to friends and family members globally, and make your utility payments via direct debit in just a few clicks. Coming in 2022

Payments iPhone

Easy Payments

Direct Debit & Payments

Pay for bills like, electricity, gas, water, mobile top ups, broadband, loan instalments, insurance premiums etc, directly through CryptoXpress from cryptocurrency holdings. Set up direct-debit payments and easily maintain savings in cryptocurrency.

Exclusive Buys

Travel Packages & Retail

Book flights, accommodation, tours, rental cars and much more directly from CryptoXpress. We connect you with most trusted booking partners for best in class experience. Also take advantage of bespoke packages and products offered exclusively to CryptoXpress platform members.

Booking iPhone

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